Tech Talk - Galene Search & Relevance Infrastructure

November 4, 2014

LinkedIn's engineering teams build state of the art systems and algorithms that connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. Up and down the stack, from best of class distributed systems like Apache Kafka to cutting edge mobile frameworks and take-no-prisoners machine learning infrastructure, LinkedIn engineering solves the hardest, most rewarding problems in the industry.

We hold Technical Deep Dives to give a closer look at some of our critical infrastructure and to learn more about the best practices we've developed during more than a decade of building systems at Internet scale.

LinkedIn's Galene Search & Relevance Infrastructure
Sriram Sankar & Rahul Aggarwal, Principal Software Engineers - Search, Network & Analytics

Wednesday, November 5th
6:30 pm - Food, Drinks & Networking
7:00 pm - Technical Talk

New LinkedIn SF Office
505 Howard St.
San Francisco, 94110

LinkedIn has used Lucene as the basis for all of its search products in the past. However, with scaling needs resulting from the increase in the size of our professional graph, we have had to build our own new search infrastructure – that we have called “Galene”. The core infrastructure has been built and a few search products have already been launched to production. Based on the initial success, we are extending our scope beyond search to include recommendations, newsfeed, etc. We are also enhancing relevance support with ranking and testing frameworks, document and query models, facet size estimation, etc.
This talk will cover all of this along with a case study of a real product in production.

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