Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We are a team of software engineers specializing in reliability engineering. With a vision to make LinkedIn available to everyone, our mission is to design, automate, and scale the infrastructure that powers LinkedIn. 

Our team is at an intersection between software engineering and systems engineering. SRE at LinkedIn fills the mission-critical role to ensure that our complex, web-scale systems are healthy, monitored, automated and designed to scale.

We are responsible to ensure that is always available and reliable. We do this by building platforms, tools and support systems with a goal to create infrastructure that is self-sustaining with minimal manual interventions. While site-up remains our primary focus, we are also equally vested to ensure that LinkedIn’s developer community is highly productive. We believe in solving operational issues using engineering solutions.

Our key verticals:

  • Data SRE: Focused on engineer reliability into the data platforms to scale LinkedIn 

  • Infrastructure SRE: Focused on engineering infrastructure platforms that keep LinkedIn reliable, scalable and efficient

  • Product SRE: Works closely with product development team to ensure LinkedIn’s products are available for everyone all the time