Partner Engineering (PE)

Our team is a part of the larger Product Platforms team that belongs to the Core-Eng organization. The Partner Engineering (PE) is dedicated to deliver and support API products that create material value to partner developers, business partners and LinkedIn.

Our focus area is to build scalable technology, optimized tools, and streamlined processes that improve operational efficiency. We exemplify collaboration and knowledge sharing by liaising between partners and LinkedIn on best practices, latest market trends, and cutting-edge technologies and also help evangelize and advocate platform thinking internally.

Our team’s vision is to ​​deliver and scale best-in-class LinkedIn integrations to help professionals around the world achieve more. The mission is along the same lines, to provide exploratory access, insights and conflation with economic graph, to enable product integrations with Microsoft and other strategic partners and customers.

In order to accomplish our vision and mission, PE teams are functionally organized under two major pillars:

  • Developer Relations

  • Developer Experience

Developer Relations

This team keeps partners first, aims to provide the best-in-class onboarding experience through solutions engineering for partners/customers. We have also forayed into innovative solutions, with curation to the regional requirements. Our key charters as follows:

  • Partner Onboarding across multiple Lines of Business (LoB): Enabling connections with our strategic and enterprise partners to onboard LinkedIn's API Products. Accountable for partner success and operational efficiency of integrations.

  • Building a Developer Community to foster collaboration: This initiative helps to stitches all outreach and member communication together to enable collective learning, build trust, and most importantly to foster innovation

  • Tech Writing to accelerate partner onboarding: Tech Writing forms the foundation of all content consumed by our partners and stands as the top impactful area and to help solve for “Discover” and “Develop” problems for the partners

  • Partner Operations to provide best-in-class development support: This team was set up to provide cost-efficient and scalable solutions for partner support and onboarding. The key goal is to formulate and adhere to unified SLA from partner/customer to all internal teams with the same sense of urgency.

Developer Experience

Developer Experience team focuses on making one platform and one product an engine for amplifying LinkedIn value proposition to members by driving growth and scale for customers and partners. Our key charters as follows:

  • Compliance Platform: Purpose is to provide the necessary capabilities and tools for 3rd party partners that operate in regulated industries to monitor and remediate their employees' actions on LinkedIn 

  • Communication framework: Aims to cater to all communications needs within the developer portal, email communications, proactive outbound communications, and future goals to support smart response options