Data Science

The Data Science org at LinkedIn leverages the power of data to help LinkedIn make informed decisions. We strive to create economic opportunities for our members, keep our platform safer and drive productivity for our teams through our analysis, insights, experimentation and our innovative data solutions.
The vision of our team is to Accelerate LinkedIn’s vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce through data. In our India engineering center, we are focused on four key global charters for the company namely Consumer, Trust, Business Strategy and Data Products.

Consumer: Within consumer charter, we are primarily focused on two key areas:

  • Making LinkedIn accessible to every member through our mWeb product

  • Driving value to our members by unlocking the power of their professional network through private communities, i.e. groups thereby enabling them to advance their careers

Trust: Within our trust charter, we are focused on two key areas:

  • Building a trusted platform for our members to have safe conversations

  • Enable building a best-in-class reviewer ecosystem which is powered by data

Business Strategy & Operations:  As part of this charter, we enable LinkedIn to identify key opportunity areas across our enterprise businesses and across various regions in the world

Data Products: On this charter, we are focused on two key areas:

  • Build innovative data products and solutions to drive insights at scale and non-linear productivity gains for the teams

  • Design and build scalable architectures of the foundational data layer for our enterprise businesses to meet the ever changing business needs