LinkedIn is proud to present the open source version of our High School Trainee program. The High School Trainee program was born out of the Women in Tech (WIT) initiative at LinkedIn, and was started in 2015 by Sarah Clatterbuck and the Community Task Force within Women in Tech at LinkedIn. The vision of the Community Task Force was to "Inspire the next generation to study computer science and related fields." Today, High School Trainee exists as its own task force within the Women in Tech initiative with the same vision.

The program focuses on embedding students in a software engineering team for seven to eight weeks. While students learn important technical skills from their mentors, the main objective of the program is for students to develop identities as software engineers and be able to concretely see themselves thriving in the technology industry in the future. This identity forms the foundation from which they will seek to continue studies in computer science or related STEM fields. To date, 100% of High School Trainee graduates have gone on to study STEM and 15 of 16 students have gone on to study computer science in particular.

This open source project is the outcome of the third year of the program. As LinkedIn has run two prior pilots and prepares to embark upon a third cohort, this body of work represents learnings to date. The goal of the open source project is to inspire and equip other companies to expand the program to provide additional opportunities for students in Silicon Valley and beyond. The desire for access to the program far exceeds the capacity a single corporation can provide. LinkedIn receives thousands of emails and messages from interested students each year, yet can only support a program for tens of students.

What's in the Git Repo

Commands Cheat Sheet

Commands_Cheat_Sheet.docx contains basic UNIX, SVN, and Git commands. These commands are covered in the Terminal lecture and the optional Git/SVN lecture (pick the relevant slides based on what you use). You may want to consider printing out copies for the trainees to keep.

Lesson Plan

Lesson_Plan.docx has a high-level overview of each week’s topics. The rest of the folders in the repo are each week’s lesson material. In each week’s folder, lesson materials are broken down by days. Each day will have a corresponding lecture, lab, and lab solution. The filename convention is weekNumber.dayNumbertopictitle.pptx

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