The LinkedIn Economic Graph Research program has been carefully structured to protect the privacy and security of our members. LinkedIn will have oversight on all access and usage of data associated with the LinkedIn Economic Research program. Only selected recipients will be given access to a select set of LinkedIn data. In addition, any data provided to research recipients will only be made available through a monitored environment, on LinkedIn's secure network, with the approval of LinkedIn.

Under no circumstances will the research recipients have the ability to:

No member data

Acquire sensitive member data, like payment information, InMails, etc.

Publish with consent of LinkedIn, only

Publish or otherwise publicly share research results without the written consent of LinkedIn

Don't retain data

Obtain or retain data beyond the scope of the research project

Don't experiment

Experiment or perform tests on our members

Each research recipient will work with a LinkedIn employee collaborator who will provide guidance and expertise on the proposals in general, as well as ensure appropriate data access. If your proposal is selected, however, the collaborator will work with the participants to ensure the research proceeds smoothly, including serving as a liaison to internal LinkedIn teams as-needed.

We reserve the right to refuse access to any data due to privacy concerns at any point during the research project. Certain data may only be provided in aggregate form. Proposals that only require aggregate data or public member data from LinkedIn (such as public profile information) will have a greater likelihood of being selected.