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1. Read path - Client, Router, Storage Node

a. Latency - streaming, GC, code-gen, memory & connection management

b. Stability - capacity planning, high availability, back pressure, etc.

c. Deep collaboration with People You May Know (and other AI teams) - AI integration, read computation, online deep learning.

2. Write Path - Hadoop-to-Venice, Samza-to-Venice, ETL, Storage Node

aDa Vinci - venture bet to bring Venice ingestion capabilities to other systems.

b. Write Path features - active-active replication, partial updates, storage quota.

c. Deep collaboration with Waterloo (standardization infra) - ETL to Hadoop, reprocessing, usability improvements.

3. Control Path - Controller, Admin tool, Storage Node

a. Operability - improve the Venice Health Dashboard, eliminate single points of failure, kill superfluous components, enhance fault detection and self-healing capabilities

b. Deep collaboration with Nuage - self-service onboarding for more features

c. Deep collaboration with Helix - Helix-as-a-Service integration, rack-awareness, design review and adoption of many new Helix features

4. Migration to Azure

a. Performance - profiling and tuning

b. Cloud native - elasticity, enable wider range of performance-cost tradeoffs, etc.