Our vision is to provide world class real-time and interactive analytics platform and hosted services for all LinkedIn engineers, product managers, and analysts. 

We are creating and delivering a unified analytics infrastructure and platform to create, curate, govern, monitor, and analyze metrics for internal and external customers and LinkedIn members. 

Our end to end stack includes the following core platforms:

Unified Metrics Platform

UMP is our centralized place for creation, governance and curation of all of LinkedIn's metrics

Analytics Infrastructure

Pinot & Presto is our core analytics infrastructure offerings at LinkedIn. Traditional Teradata appliances will continue to exist but will be slowly ramp down in usage across the company. 

We constantly evaluate and add new capabilities to our infrastructure by building software inhouse, adopting open source projects and utilizing commercial offerings.

Monitoring and alerting

ThirdEye will provide the core monitoring capabilities for metrics onboard through UMP as well as selected operational metrics from ingraphs. 

Metrics serving API

We provide world class APIs for end to end capabilities from metrics creation to serving for both internal and external applications.