Apache Samza Graduates from Apache Incubator

January 27, 2015

Apache Samza is a stream processing framework that LinkedIn developed to solve some of our toughest stream processing challenges. We open sourced it in September of 2013 as an Apache Incubator project. I'm very pleased to announce that Samza recently graduated from Apache Incubator into a top-level Apache project.

Apache Incubator is the entry point into the Apache ecosystem. All projects that wish to enter Apache must go through rigorous vetting before they officially graduate into a top-level Apache project. This process is designed to make sure that all donations to the project are aligned with the Apache Software Foundation's legal standards, and to help cultivate a self-sustaining community for the open source project.

The incubation process has been a great way to help grow Samza's community. In the 18 months that Samza has been incubating as an Apache project:

Samza's graduation marks an important milestone for the project, but there's still a lot to do. Please get involved if you're interested in contributing. A great place to start is with Samza's hello-samza project. You can also read up on Samza, and contribute by fixing some beginner bugs.

LinkedIn has a long time commitment to open source. Apache Samza's graduation is the latest accomplishment in a long list of projects that LinkedIn has been involved in, both in Apache (with Apache Kafka, Apache Helix, Apache Incubator DataFu, and others), and in the larger open source community. Now is a great time to get involved.