Yu Shi, Myunghwan Kim, Shaunak Chatterjee, Mitul Tiwari, Souvik Ghosh, Rómer Rosales


Most social networking services support multiple types of relationships between users, such as getting connected, sending messages, and consuming feed updates. These users and relationships can be naturally represented as a dynamic multi-view network, which is a set of weighted graphs with shared common nodes but having their own respective edges. Different network views, representing structural relationship and interaction types, could have very distinctive properties individually and these properties may change due to interplay across views. Therefore, it is of interest to study how multiple views interact and affect network dynamics and, in addition, explore possible applications to social networking. 

In this paper, we propose approaches to capture and analyze multi-view network dynamics from various aspects. Through our proposed descriptors, we observe the synergy/cannibalization between different user groups and network views from LinkedIn dataset. We then develop models that consider the synergy/cannibalization per each new relationship, and show the outperforming predictive capability of our models compared to baseline models. Finally, the proposed models allow us to understand the interplay among different views where they dynamically change over time.