“Is Coding Fun?” & “A Guide to Handle Avengers at Work”

April 28, 2015

LinkedIn’s publisher platform gives our members a way to share their professional experience with their professional network. Many of LinkedIn’s engineers are using our publisher platform to share their own experience and I’m going to start highlighting some of the more interesting ones here.

“Is Coding Fun?” by Kevin Kyyro, Software Engineer at LinkedIn – Engineers obviously love to code, but it can often be a love-hate relationship - sometimes quite rewarding and sometimes frustrating. Over time, however, as your coding proficiency increases it can become more like writing poetry or music than completing a frustrating puzzle.

“A Guide to Handle Avengers at Work” by Sumanth Kolar, Head of Engineering at SlideShare – The Avengers has some of America’s most loved super heroes, but beyond their super powers, what do they have in common? They are a messed up team of over-achievers with high potential. Together, they can save the world or wreak havoc if they don’t work together. At work, we all deal with similar overachievers that are the best of their class. These tips will help you collaborate more effectively with your team.

“An Awkward Engineer’s Guide to Professional Networking” by Nitin Julka, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn – Afraid of networking? Feel awkward standing around a happy hour, looking for someone to talk to? You’re certainly not alone. Here’s 11 steps to make schmoozing go more smoothly for people who aren’t naturals.

“From Engineering Lessons to Life Lessons” by Pooja Chhabria, Marketing at LinkedIn – Even if you don’t end up working in the field you studied in college, valuable lessons that help in both work and life still stick with you. A marketer who studied engineering in college lays out the four most important things she learned studying engineering, that helped her later in life.

“The Technical Design Interview - A Guide to Success” by Joey Addona, Software Engineer at LinkedIn – Coding is usually an engineer’s core skill – it’s what they learn first in school and what they spend most of their time doing – and design is often an afterthought. So, what happens when questions about design pop up in a job interview? These tips will help engineers navigate a tricky technical design interview.