New Ways to Look at Software Platforms, Titles and More

June 11, 2015

Publishing on LinkedIn can have a direct impact on you as a professional. When you publish on LinkedIn you are sharing your perspective, building your professional brand and letting your voice be heard by the professionals that matter to you. Many of LinkedIn’s engineers are using our publisher platform to share their experience and point of view with other professionals. Not surprisingly, they have created some really compelling content on subjects ranging from the key elements of making software platforms successful to what the architect role actually is, as well as an in-depth look at how gender equality at work varies by country.

Why LinkedIn is the Best Place to Publish by Byron Ma, Sr. Engineering Manager, Pulse and Publishing Platform at LinkedIn Get the numbers behind the millions of ideas that have been shared on LinkedIn. See who’s posting, who’s reading, and more, among professionals all around the world.

“The Elements of Software Platforms” by Mohamed El-Geish, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn. As software powers more and more aspects of our lives, it’s increasingly important that it adhere to some fundamental principles to be useful and reliable. This piece describes 11 key elements of a successful software platform, including focus, correctness, and quality.

“Architect is not a 'title.' It's a role.” by Adam Wolkov, Lead Architect, at LinkedIn Different companies have different ways of thinking about titles. Here’s the story of how one architect’s title is transitioning along with him following LinkedIn’s acquisition of, and what role a “Council of Druids” can play when it comes to making decisions on technical architecture.

“Where Gender Equality at Work Is (and Isn't) Improving” by Sohan Murthy, Data and Analytics Researcher at LinkedIn. Which countries have the most gender-equal labor forces? Which countries have made the most progress towards achieving gender equality at work? In which countries are women dropping out of work? Here are some interesting data sets from World Bank about female labor force participation.

“What Kids and Legos Can Teach Us About Scaling Organizations” by Nisheth Joshi, Software Engineering Manager at LinkedIn. In addition to just being fun, playing with Legos can teach us something about work, too. An encounter with a vast sea of Legos shows how teaching professionals to parse out the information they really need, on their own, can help scale organizations.

“Go Big Data, Young Man … and Woman” by Ganesh Venkataraman, Engineering Lead, Search at LinkedIn Learn what the gold rush can teach us about big data, how big data engineers are like LeBron James, and why all engineers should seriously consider working with big data at scale.

“Project Management & Developer Happiness” by James Gourgoutis, Principal Web Developer at LinkedIn. Organization is incredibly important to a developer’s happiness. This argument for project management shows how following a system can make engineers and developers more happy and successful.