LinkedIn IT Named A Best Place to Work

June 22, 2015

Today, Computerworld announced the Best Places to Work in IT for 2015. This was LinkedIn’s first year in the large-sized business category and I’m pleased to share that LinkedIn placed in the top ten of their large-sized business category, landing at number six! Last year, they named LinkedIn the number one company in their mid-size category.

This award is a credit to every member of the LinkedIn IT, or Global Technology Solutions (GTS), team. Internally we talk a lot about the importance of hiring and cultivating PHDs -- but I don’t mean the degree. On our team, someone with a PHD brings Passion, Heart and Drive to their work everyday. These PHDs are the key to this team’s success -- they’re passionate about what they do and who they do it for, they have the heart of a lion, are willing to take intelligent risks and are positive can-do people. They’re also driven to succeed -- not for their own sake, but for the team and the company in which they serve.

I’m extremely fortunate to be surrounded by these PHDs -- they truly make the difference in not just being good, but great at what we do.

Americas Help Desk team photo by Tony Chung.

The mission of the GTS team is to “be LinkedIn’s competitive advantage by providing world-class technology services that have a visible and measurable impact on business effectiveness.” That’s a big deal to us: when we do this right, we help realize LinkedIn’s mission, “to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

To bring this competitive advantage to life, our GTS team focuses on three things:

Run our business like a business, market and compete for it.
We must be great at operations: flawlessly keeping the lights on and taking care of IT basics so employees can do what they do best -- whether it’s developing great code, marketing great products or selling great solutions to our members.

Partner with the business to drive massive growth and scale.
LinkedIn continues to grow at an incredible rate; we keep developing new experiences for our members and products for our customers. Our IT team has to always push the envelope and innovate to allow our employees to do the same.

Transform our employees to help them build great products.
We can change the IT game by taking intelligent risks with creative technologies that can truly transform the employee experience. One such example is our use of Double Robotics robots for remote collaboration. If we go beyond the traditional IT offerings to give our employees the best, they can be the best.

Congratulations to our amazing GTS team!