We actively contribute to the open source community by creating, managing and using open source software

Our engineering team has open sourced more than 75 projects spanning many categories, including data, frameworks, system operations, testing and mobile. We believe that open sourcing projects makes our engineers better at what they do best. Engineers grow in their craft by having their work shared with the entire community. Several of our open source projects have gained broad adoption and are now part of the Apache Software Foundation.

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To Open Source or Not to Open Source

Open sourced software is no longer restricted to addressing small, low-level problems and for companies that can’t afford to built it themselves. Today it is backed by a mature community that creates and adopts it on behalf of some of the world’s biggest technology companies. Why the shift? Why should companies focus some of their efforts on open source? Why open source?


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The Business Benefits of Open Sourcing

Many of the business benefits of using open source software are well known – cost, flexibility, interoperability and support. But what’s less discussed is why companies choose to take software their employees have developed on behalf of the company and make it free for anyone else to use.




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Featured projects

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    See the full list of our open source projects on GitHub

  • Dr. Elephant

    Performance monitoring and tuning tool for Apache Hadoop

  • Apache Kafka

    A high-throughput distributed messaging system

  • Pinot

    A real time distributed OLAP store

  • Apache DataFu

    Hadoop library for large-scale data processing

  • Apache Samza

    Distributed stream processing framework

  • Cubert

    Fast and efficient batch computation engine for complex analysis and reporting of massive datasets on Hadoop

  • Voldemort

    Distributed key-value store

  • White Elephant

    Hadoop usage dashboard

  • Gobblin

    Universal data ingestion framework for Hadoop

  • Databus

    Source agnostic distributed change capture system

  • JTune

    A high precision Java CMS optimizer

  • JTuneApache Helix

    A cluster management framework for partitioned and replicated distributed resources

  • Azkaban

    Hadoop Workflow management

  • Norbert

    Partitioned routing and cluster management built on top of Apache ZooKeeper

  • Rest.li

    framework for building robust, scalable RESTful services

  • Parseq

    Asynchronous Java made easier

  • QARK

    Tool designed to look for several security related Android application vulnerabilities, either in source code or packaged APKs

  • Zopkio

    Functional and performance testing for distributed systems

  • Simoorg

    Failure inducer framework

  • Spyglass

    An Android library for mentions

  • Hakawai

    A powerful, extensible UITextView

  • Dr. Elephant

    Performance monitoring and tuning tool for Apache Hadoop

  • Ambry

    Highly-available, distributed immutable blob storage system that scales easily.