• Women in Tech Invest

    WIT Invest: How a Powerful New Program Was Born

    July 18, 2016

    Women in technology initiatives have always been a part of my professional career choices. When I interviewed for a job at LinkedIn more than two years ago, one of my criteria was to have a role that allowed me to focus on my passion of developmental programs for women in engineering. During the interview process, I spoke with members of the company’s senior...

  • IPv6 Launch Logo

    IPv6 at LinkedIn Part I

    July 13, 2016

    Coauthor: Tim Crofts To celebrate the anniversary of World IPv6 Day (June 6, 2011), we at LinkedIn wanted to mark the occasion in a significant way. We’ve worked for a number of months on enabling IPv6 in our data centers. We’ve designed the new architecture and prepared network, systems, and tools, so on June 6 we enabled IPv6 in one of our staging environments...

  • Ember Meetup & Engines at LinkedIn

    July 7, 2016

    Once a month, the Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup brings together software engineers who are passionate about building web apps using Ember. The meetup is a great way to meet others in the community and learn about the cool and exciting things being built with Ember. As an “embereño” – people and companies working with Ember – that is building infrastructure for...

  • Architecture of LinkedIn Voices

    Voices Part II: Technical Details for Topic Mining

    July 1, 2016

    This is the second post of a two-part series about Voices, a text analytics platform built by LinkedIn. Part I gives a general...

  • Open Sourcing URL-Detector

    June 30, 2016

    Today, we’re excited to share that Linkedin is open-sourcing our URL-Detector Java library. LinkedIn checks hundreds of thousands of...

  • Announcing Gobblin 0.7.0: Going Beyond Ingestion

    June 29, 2016

    About a year ago, we open sourced Gobblin, a universal data ingestion framework that aimed to solve data integration challenges faced...