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  • dfw-architecture

    Distributed Firewall (DFW): Network security at the host level at LinkedIn

    October 21, 2021

    Co-authors: Matthew Davidson, Walter Marchuk, Andreas Zaugg, Michael Garate, and William Buenzle In traditional network design, hardware firewalls are used to provide isolation of network segments. As a network increases in size and complexity, an increasing number of firewall rules are required to provide necessary access, but the number of rules a hardware...

  • title-card

    Our approach to building transparent and explainable AI systems

    October 7, 2021

    Co-authors: Parvez Ahammad, Kinjal Basu, Yazhou Cao, Shaunak Chatterjee, David Durfee, Sakshi Jain, Nihar Mehta, Varun Mithal, and Jilei Yang Delivering the best member and customer experiences with a focus on trust is core to everything that we do at LinkedIn. As we continue to build on our Responsible AI program that we recently outlined three months ago, a...

  •  encoded-activity-sequence-showing-requests-made-by-a-member-that-was-not-using-abusive-automation

    Using deep learning to detect abusive sequences of member activity

    September 2, 2021

    Co-authors: James Verbus and Beibei Wang The Anti-Abuse AI Team at LinkedIn creates, deploys, and maintains models that detect and prevent many types of abuse, including the creation of fake accounts, member profile scraping, automated spam, and account takeovers. As we prevent abuse using machine learning, there are several challenges we can face: Maximizing...

  • title-card

    An update on Responsible AI at LinkedIn

    May 24, 2021

    Co-authors: Parvez Ahammad, Kinjal Basu, Shaunak Chatterjee, Sakshi Jain, Ryan Rogers, and Guillaume Saint-Jacques At LinkedIn, our...

  • chart-showing-normal-versus-abnormal-distribution-of-correlation-between-two-independent-features

    Leveraging behavior analytic computation for anti-abuse...

    February 11, 2021

    LinkedIn is committed to providing a trusted environment to keep our nearly 740 million members safe. Part of that commitment involves...

  • diagram-showing-multi-layer-defense-across-three-checkpoints

    Creating a secure and trusted Jobs ecosystem on LinkedIn

    January 26, 2021

    Co-authors: Sakshi Jain, Grace Tang, Gaurav Vashist, Yu Wang, John Lu, Ravish Chhabra, Shruti Sharma, Dana Tom, and Ranjeet Ranjan...