Photon ML Articles

  • PhotonMLtutorial1

    Building Recommender Systems using Photon ML

    August 31, 2016

    On Aug. 15, 2016, the Machine Learning Algorithm team at LinkedIn gave a hands-on tutorial on how to build recommender systems using our recently open-sourced machine learning library Photon ML at the KDD conference. We were excited to see a large crowd that could not fit into the room gathered to learn this topic and the strong interest in the data mining...

  • Open Sourcing Photon ML

    June 7, 2016

    Machine learning is a key component of LinkedIn’s relevance-driven products. We use machine learning to train the ranking algorithms for our feed, advertising, recommender systems (such as People You May Know), email optimization, search engines, and more. For an in-depth example, check out these posts (part one and two) on how LinkedIn applies machine learning...