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    Our approach to building transparent and explainable AI systems

    October 7, 2021

    Co-authors: Parvez Ahammad, Kinjal Basu, Yazhou Cao, Shaunak Chatterjee, David Durfee, Sakshi Jain, Nihar Mehta, Varun Mithal, and Jilei Yang Delivering the best member and customer experiences with a focus on trust is core to everything that we do at LinkedIn. As we continue to build on our Responsible AI program that we recently outlined three months ago, a...

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    DuaLip: Solving extreme-scale linear programs for web applications

    August 6, 2021

    Co-authors: Kinjal Basu, Yao Pan, Rohan Ramanath, Konstantin Salomatin, Amol Ghoting, and S. Sathiya Keerthi Building thriving internet or web products requires optimizing for multiple business metrics. In many applications, these business metrics can move in conflicting directions, and delicately balancing these tradeoffs can be vital for the success of a...