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  • test-management-deployment-and-evaluation-workflow-at-linkedin

    Our evolution towards T-REX: The prehistory of experimentation infrastructure at LinkedIn

    September 24, 2020

    Editor’s note: This blog post is the first in a series providing an overview and history of LinkedIn’s experimentation platform. At any given time, LinkedIn’s experimentation platform is serving up to 41,000 A/B tests simultaneously on a user population of over 700 million members. Operation at such a scale is enabled with the LinkedIn Targeting, Ramping, and...

  • diagram-of-linkedin-services-and-the-lix-engine

    Making the LinkedIn experimentation engine 20x faster

    January 3, 2020

    Co-authors: Alexander Ivaniuk, Jingbang Liu At LinkedIn, we like to say that experimentation is in our blood because no production release at the company happens without experimentation; by “experimentation,” we typically mean “A/B testing.” The company relies on employees to make decisions by analyzing data. Experimentation is a data-driven foundation of the...