Releasing Bluepill to the Mobile Native Foundation

June 7, 2021


In March, LinkedIn joined the recently announced Mobile Native Foundation (MNF), a Linux Foundation project launched with the support of Airbnb, Corellium, Elotl,, GitHub, GogoApps, Haystack, Line, Lyft, Microsoft,, Slack, Solid Software, and Spotify. The goal of the Mobile Native Foundation is to disseminate knowledge and tooling needed for building mobile applications at scale. We plan to help foster a diverse community that encourages collaboration and contributes libraries and tools to move the industry forward.


Developing mobile applications at scale poses considerable challenges, and as an industry, we could do more to make best practices and state-of-the-art tooling broadly available to large teams of mobile developers. LinkedIn, as a leader in mobile application development, is taking up the challenge to help further these efforts, along with several other companies.

In order to seed the projects under the MNF, LinkedIn has donated Bluepill—our parallel iOS simulator test tool—to the Mobile Native Foundation. First released in 2017, Bluepill runs  fast and stable iOS UI and unit tests using multiple simulators on a single machine. Bluepill has saved LinkedIn tens of thousands of developer hours to-date, and we believe it can provide great benefits to anyone running large-scale iOS tests.

Everyone is welcome to participate in helping take mobile app development to the next level. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.