Ember Meetup & Engines at LinkedIn

July 7, 2016

Once a month, the Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup brings together software engineers who are passionate about building web apps using Ember. The meetup is a great way to meet others in the community and learn about the cool and exciting things being built with Ember. As an “embereño” – people and companies working with Ember – that is building infrastructure for LinkedIn’s largest Ember application, the meetup is also a great opportunity to give back to the Ember community.

At the May meetup, I gave a talk entitled “Engines at LinkedIn” to present how we are using the cutting edge technology of Ember Engines to build our application at scale. Engines bring with them the ability to compose multiple logical applications into a single cohesive user experience. They introduce the concept of runtime isolation so that discrete portions of an application can be easily composed, allowing distributed teams to work independently and to enable future enhancements such as lazy-loading assets.

In my talk, we looked at why we chose to use engines for our application, what is unique about the way we're using them, and how we migrated our existing application for them. I then concluded with key takeaways and learnings.

If you're interested in learning more about engines and why and how we switched to them, watch the video of my talk below!