LinkedIn Engineering at Flawless Hacks in NYC

April 22, 2016

Last Saturday, LinkedIn was proud to sponsor Flawless Hacks, a New York City hackathon that brings together over 100 women engineers and students of computer science. It’s a unique event organized by NYU students with a goal of creating a friendly environment where there is no competition. This environment made it so the undergraduate and graduate students from local universities (NYU, Columbia, Barnard, Pace, Cooper Union, etc.) would feel more comfortable asking questions and learning new skills.

  • Students at Flawless Hacks

Photo courtesy of Lili Finckel/Flawless Hacks

The Hackathon started off with note from Tracy Chou and there were many iOS development, web development and version control workshops organized by Make School. It was a very successful event, with around 100 women participated and presented their hacks at the end of the day.

  • LinkedIn Engineer helping a student

Amita Sahasrabudhe and I represented LinkedIn at the event. We helped them with their hacks and made a lot of great connections, too! As an added bonus, we raffled off 3 premium accounts during the event!

  • LinkedIn table schwag at Flawless Hacks

Some students approached us for help with using LinkedIn developer APIs for enhancing the job search experience. It was a great learning to hear the feedback and comments about the product. There were great ideas from all the teams and they managed to build a workable product by end of the day. FigLeaf, FemBites, JokesAreLike & many more were really interesting. Check out out some of the amazing hacks created during this event here!

Additional photos courtesy of Bhavana Challa/LinkedIn