Predicting Primaries, What it’s Like to Work at LinkedIn and Other Must Reads

February 26, 2016

LinkedIn Engineers are asking big questions and sharing their personal answers. From words of wisdom to geopolitical strategy, our posts tackle the pressing issues of the day. Check out this week’s roundup of some of the best pieces published on our platform.

Software Engineering in the Continuous Age
By Jens Pillgram-Larsen, Director of Engineering, Developer Tools at LinkedIn

Software engineering is entering a new age in which Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are replacing QA certifications and release dates. Read on to discover how LinkedIn is utilizing the building blocks that will make the CI/CD vision a reality. As we work toward radically improving the developer experience, we hope to raise the level of craftsmanship of the entire organization.

What’s It Like to Work as an Engineer at LinkedIn?
By Ravi Aringunram, Senior Engineering Manager, Data Infrastructure at LinkedIn
A new engineer shares his thoughts about his first month at LinkedIn. He writes about his experience, including team sizes, the developer toolset, use of open source and cross-team collaboration. How does LinkedIn rate?

This is How the New Hampshire Primary Unfolded on Twitter
By Tim Jurka, Head of Content Recommendations at LinkedIn

By now we all know the results of the New Hampshire primary, but how did the candidates fare on Twitter? Can Twitter be used to predict or affect presidential primaries? Tim Jurka analyzes positive versus negative tweets for the candidates to look for answers.