A Look Back at 2015, Natural Language Processing, and Other Must Reads

January 14, 2016

Publisher Platform Roundup

The beauty of the LinkedIn’s publishing platform is that it gives professionals a way to share their personal opinions about topical professional news and interests. Here’s a roundup of some of the best pieces LinkedIn engineers have written recently.

Top 5 Learnings from 2015
By Craig Williams, Head of IT at LinkedIn
Employees are the most valuable resource at any company, and LinkedIn prioritizes extreme listening, questioning context, and strategic pauses to take advantage of their human capital. Craig explains how LinkedIn implemented these practices last year, and what the plans are to continue and expand their efforts in 2016.

Why Language, Why LinkedIn, Why Now?
By Dan Bikel, Principal Applied Scientist & Senior Manager at LinkedIn
Dan, a longtime linguist and pun lover, explains his interest in natural language processing and what attracted him to working at LinkedIn, where he is building models of language to help people get the education and jobs they want. Linkedin, he says, has interesting problems to solve, rich data sets to analyze, and a meaningful mission to carry out, and language is at the heart of it.

Developer Experience - Achieving a Frictionless Testing Workflow
By Steve Calvert, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
Why is it that despite developers' dedication to creating useful and enjoyable tools for others, their own testing tools are complicated and painful? Developer experience in testing should be a top priority, since testing is so crucial to their work. Steve gives his thoughts on how to consider testing as a First Class Citizen in their daily workflow.

Natural Selection and Information Retrieval - Part 1
By Utkarsh Contractor, Software Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
Utkarsh deconstructs the relevance of search on Google, noting that the vast majority of organic clicks originate from the first page of results. In this post, he outlines three top methods of information retrieval and provides the mathematical equations for results ranking and search relevancy. He’ll apply the lessons learned to enterprise search in a sequel post.

The LinkedIn Way - takeaways from my first 100 days working at LinkedIn
By Sandeep Puri, Engineering Architect at LinkedIn
Guarav looks back on his first 100 days as a LinkedIn employee and shares his top five insights about what the LinkedIn Way means to him. He applauds the company for being more democratic, where individuals matter, which flows into other takeaways about how important relationships are and why networking matters.