International Women's Day at LinkedIn in Bangalore, India

May 4, 2015

March 8, 2015 seemed like it was going to be just another normal day at work as I got off the lift and walked into the office, but the pink balloons standing at attention everywhere along with the inspirational notes and roses on every woman’s desk said otherwise.

The roses and balloons were just the beginning. We assembled in the gym at 2:30 to start a pirate-themed treasure hunt. Grouped with people from different teams to find the “buried” treasure, some of us made pirate hats out of newspapers to wear throughout the hunt (pictured above). With clues in hand, a pirate hat on, and teams working together to decode the clues, it was a chance to get to know each other a bit better. After the treasure hunt, we gathered for Reel-In, a movie-making contest, to watch 3-minute videos around the theme “Women Empowerment” created by fellow Bangalore employees.

For the women in our Bangalore, India office, International Women’s Day was a great reminder of what makes LinkedIn a special place to work.