Tech Talk: Rajat Paharia of Bunchball talks about Game Dynamics

August 16, 2011

A video of Rajat Paharia's tech talk titled "Game Dynamics".

Game Dynamics


Status, achievement, reward, competition, self-expression: by addressing these fundamental human needs and desires, designers can make experiences both compelling and satisfying. Game designers, in particular, have known for years how to incent and motivate players by addressing these needs through the use of mechanics like points, levels, leaderboards, virtual goods, challenges, and real-time feedback. We’ll cover the migration of these mechanics out of the gaming world and into the world at large, including destination sites, devices, productivity applications, corporate intranets, and LinkedIn.


Rajat Paharia is the founder and Chief Product Officer of Bunchball. He founded the company in 2005, and released the industry’s first gamification platform, Nitro, in 2007. Rajat works closely with Bunchball’s Fortune 500 clients to craft gamification strategies that engage customers, partners and employees, including companies like NBC, Warner Brothers, Comcast and Hewlett-Packard. Rajat’s skill set combines a unique expertise in technology, design and human behavior developed during a four-year career at design firm IDEO and through degrees in computer science and human-computer interaction.